• School sweatshirt or cardigan – can be unbranded as long as it is navy
  • White branded polo shirt, can be unbranded if necessary but needs to have a collar and buttons.
  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore/summer checked dress.
  • White, grey or black socks/tights

Black shoes – no colours or logos.

Hair:  Should be natural in colour and no extreme haircuts – long hair must be tied up.

Permitted Jewellery: Children may wear a watch and small stud earrings which must be removed for P.E. (Children will be responsible for taking out and putting in their own earrings).

PE Kit: Indoor – Navy shorts and plain navy t-shirt. Gym trainers for indoor.

Outdoor – You may choose a branded navy hoodie and branded navy blue joggers (optional) otherwise plain navy joggers or leggings with a round neck t shirt. Outdoor trainers.

Nursery – Uniform is the same as school but children can wear navy joggers or leggings instead of school trousers with a navy or white collared t shirt.

Yanwath Primary School Uniform