Mrs Cate Floyd
Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Davies
Head of School




Welcome to Yanwath Primary School website, a rural school, that is part of the Cumbria Education Trust.

In our school we aim to create an inclusive, happy, stimulating learning environment, which allows equal opportunities for all, where our children will achieve their potential; intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We provide a structured approach to learning, following the guidelines set by the National Curriculum yet leaving room for personal development and creativity. Our learning programmes are designed to give our children a rich variety of enjoyable experiences through which their skills, abilities and attitudes can grow.

In the long term our aim is for our children to become well-balanced, resilient, thinking adults, able to face the future confidently and independently.

In educating a child we have to look at the whole person. We know that children learn best when they are secure and happy. How a child feels about him/herself is fundamental to their success in learning. Therefore, our aims encompass not only intellectual skills like reading, writing and mathematics but life skills like self-confidence and initiative, perseverance and co-operation.

Bring part of a wider trust that encompasses a range of schools from across Cumbria, we are fortunate to make links and extend our learning to be the very best that we can be!

If you wish to visit us, please make an appointment by calling the school office on 01768 840739 to come and look around at your leisure.

Mrs Floyd                                         Mrs Davies

Executive Headteacher                    Head of School