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Meet our PTA Committee 

Andrew Chambers – Chairperson

“Hello! I am excited to step into the Chair role and look forward to working with the group on lots of exciting things over the coming months.
I have three children. Charlie has just moved up to secondary school from Yanwath, Brooke is in year 5 and Jack in year 3.
I am the Company Director and bulk haulage long distance lorry driver of a local family business which has been established for over 65 years.
My children are the fourth generation of the Chambers family to attend Yanwath School and I am passionate to help the school continue to be the success it always has been.”


Nicola Chambers – Community Engagement 

“I have 3 children at Yanwath, Charlie Year 6, Brooke Year 4 and Jack Year 2. We live locally in Tirril and I work as a hairdresser in Penrith. I have been part of the PTA for the last three years and volunteered to help in school with reading. I am really looking forward to continuing to work with school and its community”.



Nic Pearce – Community Engagement 

“Originally from Essex, I moved to Penrith with my family a couple of years ago, my two children attend and love Yanwath. I have lots of ideas and enthusiasm to assist with raising money for the school and have already made some links with local businesses”.


Zoë Hallington – Secretary

“After many years living abroad, I returned to my native Cumbria in 2019 and continue to work as a freelance editor and translator. At Yanwath, my daughter Nina has found a fantastically warm and inspiring community and I am very happy to have the chance to help support the school through the PTA”.



Rachael Kelly – Treasurer 

“I have two children at Yanwath, Charlotte in Year 3 and Jessica in Reception. We live in Penrith and I work in local government.  I have re-joined the PTA after some time out, and I am really looking forward to working with school and its community again”.



Matthew Crouch – Early Years Lead at Yanwath Primary School 

“I studied at Sheffield Hallam University for three years, before starting at Yanwath in September 2017. I have taught across the school, in years ranging from Reception to year 5.

I have a passion for social media and using it to gain exposure, resources and opportunities for our school”.

We still have two posts within the PTA that need filled, Vice Chair, Vice Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Pre-Loved Uniform and Year Group Reps. If you are interested, please contact Andrew Chambers or Mrs Floyd.
There is a wider group of parents from across the school who have expressed an interest in helping the PTA and there is now a WhatsApp Group. Again, if you would like added into the group please speak to any of the above members.



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