Art at Yanwath Primary School plays a major role in the emotional and creative development of our pupils. We aim to encourage children to question, reflect and become inspired through studying the works of artists, craft workers and designers from a range of cultures and contexts, time and places. Through their practical experiences with a variety of media, children will develop their creative and aesthetic skills and will create art which is a response to the world around them. We encourage children to take a pride in their own achievements and to respect their own and others’ work. Art is taught in blocks each half term, alternating with DT, and pupils will develop their art skills through collage, drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and textiles.

We have a collaborative approach to art within the school and have made very strong links with other schools, artists and craftspeople. We aim to keep our art provision fresh and fun. Throughout the year plenty of opportunities are created for pupils to experience art in galleries and exhibitions, to take part in collaborative art projects (such as creating natural decorations for the trees at Aira Force at Christmas) and putting on a wide variety of art and craft based After School Clubs.



Here at Yanwath Primary School, we take pride in showcasing the talents of our pupils across all areas of the curriculum. Sporting events such as cross country, tournaments and dance showcases allow our pupils to excel outside of the classroom. Throughout Yanwath’s past, we have had sporting success stories such as swimmers winning galas, footballers dominating tournaments and gymnasts performing at county level. At Yanwath, we like to give our pupils access to sports and activities that are far from ‘the norm’ and we have had experiences of wheelchair basketball, lacrosse, footgolf and extreme Frisbee.

Due to current restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to compete in sporting competitions with other schools, however, that doesn’t stop us! Our after-school clubs have been a hive of activity since we started back in September; with running, tag rugby, dance and indoor athletics clubs running throughout the week. In autumn term 2, we will be continuing to provide sports activities during after-school club, offering multi-skills and dance.

Moving forward to when normality resumes, we will look to reinstate team-sport events such as football, netball, cross-country and multi-skills tournaments, as well as hosting our whole school sports days and inter-house events. We also hope to incorporate a water sport into our upper key stage two curriculum, such as canoeing or sailing.