We use a genre-based approach to writing at Yanwath Primary School and children write for a range of purposes and audiences. In addition to this, children are provided with opportunities to apply their writing knowledge across other subjects. Throughout each genre, specific grammar objectives are taught and extra discrete lessons are taught if needed.

Phonics is taught progressively through our EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes with support groups in place where needed. In Key Stage Two, spelling patterns for each year group are explicitly taught each week with opportunities for bot directed and independent practice of these. By September 2022, we will have invested in the validated phonics scheme- Little Wandles.

In handwriting, from KS1, children adopt a cursive handwriting style and are taught to join legibly and fluently in discrete sessions.



At Yanwath Primary school, we strive to nurture the love of reading in every child through our reading rich curriculum, quality reading resources and stimulating environment. We aim to provide: • All children with the skills and strategies to read with confidence, fluency and understanding

  • Create a positive reading culture where children enjoy reading, want to read regularly and discuss their reading
  • Encourage reading outside the classroom through forging strong links with home including the Strive for Five programme.
  • Establish a love of books where children choose to read for pleasure.

Our children take part in whole class reading sessions daily where they are exposed to high quality texts and develop their reading comprehension skills through the VIPERS approach. All classrooms have a welcoming reading corner, often linked to their class text, in which children can choose to enjoy a book.

Strive for 5 is a weekly reading challenge that is set across Yanwath Primary School. The aim of Strive for 5 is to encourage pupils to develop a regular schedule of reading outside of school. Strive for 5 is to support the development and progression of readers at Yanwath. Teachers will check reading records in order to move children along the Strive for Five chart, if children reach 5 stars they will be rewarded with 5 Points. If children are able to read more than 5 times a week, they are entered into the Above and Beyond Mrs Floyd’s raffle! Children receive one raffle ticket each time they read on top of the five times needed for Strive for Five. These raffle tickets are drawn during the Star of the Week assembly and the winner from each class can collect a prize from Mrs Floyd’s office!

Every individual child has a school reading book that is book banded to match their reading ability. Children change their books when they have finished them. There are a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in each book band. We have a huge collection of books to match the interests of children. As a child’s reading improves they move through the book bands. The books children have read are logged in reading records.


Reading Guide for Parents 

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