Year 6 – Bampton

What is your name? Mrs Pattinson

What class do you teach? Currently, I teach our fantastic Year 6 children.

How long have you worked at Yanwath? I have been at Yanwath nearly 10 years.

What would the children be surprised to find out about you? That the Tudor period of time really interested me at school. To this day, I read historical fiction and adore visiting any place that is related to the Tudor dynasty. I also love linking this knowledge to other countries such as France and learning about how that time period compares.

What makes a ‘good day’ at Yanwath? The day-to-day is ALWAYS good at Yanwath. However, whenever I see children working together from across different year groups is when I burst with pride.

What is the best thing about being a teacher? In life you get out what you put in. As a teacher, I get to experience the small wins, daily and the bigger wins as they come to pass. Nothing is more precious than joining children on that journey.

If you could pass any wisdom on to your students, what would you share? Life is like a staircase. Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes at the bottom and often you are on the middle step. A positive attitude and a can-do-attitude towards life and its challenges can make the journey up and down that little bit easier.

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