Reception – Sockbridge

What is your name? Mr Crouch

What class do you teach? Early Years

How long have you worked at Yanwath? 5 years, starting in September 2017

What would the children be surprised to find out about you? That I don’t sleep at school?

What makes a ‘good day’ at Yanwath? For me, my best days at Yanwath involve the school as a whole. Singing together, school sports days, visits and trips etc. I love the creativity of our children and the way they go whole-heartedly into anything and this really showcases itself during our off-curriculum days.

What is the best thing about being a teacher? Helping children to thrive. Igniting a love of learning and making things fun. Showing children that THEY matter. That light bulb moment when a child has struggled along with something and then BANG they get it and the fact you know you played a part in them getting it.

If you could pass any wisdom on to your students, what would you share? Enjoy your school days – they will go so quick and in 10-15 years’ time you will be wishing you could turn back the clock! Enjoy the time you have to play with your friends, learn new things and to just enjoy the world around you.



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