Welcome to Yanwath Primary School

In our school we aim to create an inclusive, happy, stimulating learning environment, which allows equal opportunities for all, where our children will achieve their potential; intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We provide a structured approach to learning, following the guidelines set by the National Curriculum yet leaving room for personal development and creativity. Our learning programmes are designed to give our children a rich variety of enjoyable experiences through which their skills, abilities and attitudes can grow.

In the long term our aim is for our children to become well-balanced, resilient, thinking adults, able to face the future confidently and independently.

Coronavirus Updates

Wider School Opening Update

I promised to contact you to tell you how we were going to take forward the Government’s ambition that some Primary year groups would return to school starting at the earliest from June 1st.

Latest News

CET Mile

Calling All CET Students and Families:   Our CET Mile Event is taking place on Friday 10 July   We are challenging all of our CET students and staff to get active and to complete a mile on Friday 10 July in the most creative way possible.   You may simply want to run, walk…