We wish everyone an enjoyable summer break and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 5th September.

What parents say about Yanwath school...



"...involving the children in the wider community, showing them that they have a real contribution to make and giving them self-confidence, Yanwath is giving them valuable lessons in life." Amanda Krawzyk. 

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"...independence and self-reliance...That is what they are getting at Yanwath in a safe and controlled way."  Tracy Luck.  Read the full comments here.


"I loved everything about it; the atmosphere, the bright and fresh classrooms and the obvious contentment of the children.." Stephen and Deborah Prince's first impression of the school.


"We looked at six or seven local schools but the reason Yanwath stood out for us was the innovative reality-based learning it offers." Mark Mashiter gives his views on Yanwath.


Vision Statement

Yanwath Pupils...

*  Feel safe and are happy in school

*   Have high expectations of themselves and aim for high attainment and progress in all subjects, regardless of their starting points

*  Expects the school’s four drivers to underpin their learning experiences (Enterprise, including    Financial Education; Creative Arts; Equality and Communities and Looking After Yourself and Others)

Rooted in Reality

Our pupils understand the purpose of what they are learning and how it relates to real life or how it will be useful in later life.

Powered by Imagination

What if…?

Our pupils expect engaging lessons delivered in a variety of ways and taken from a relevant and exciting curriculum.

Learning will include a hook and an end product and will often be challenge-based.

Driven by Children

Our pupils will have a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning.  They will be responsible for their learning and actions, demonstrating high, intrinsic levels of respect ad courtesy to everyone.  They will have a pride in their achievements and their school.


Look at our Building Futures Business Directory Click here.  This was created by a group of our Year 6 children, working alongside local rural businesses.



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